show some l♥vin’

have a great day/night. 🙂

ps. no haters please. LOL!


14 thoughts on “show some l♥vin’

  1. *middle name* heller… canadian way ka dyan? ghahahahaha nde pwede!!! *still* Filipino BLOOD parin tayo!!! lolz

    right Vicky? hahahah (joke)

  2. amp! di ka mag post ng comment sa mismong blog?!

    hahaha! but he was born here. kung sa pinas i’ll do the pinoy way. haaaay i dont know. if i have to change it i have to wait for another 90 days to wait for the change then, another 9 weeks for his new birth certificate. letche namang wait yan! and if ever, the only identification he has left (for now) is his OHIP card. though i dont consider that as an actual identification. pati nya yun e, mali nilagay nilang name. nakalagay JONATHAN X. puuuutcha!

    anyhow, its not vicky. its kayla. my hair does not look like vicky. plus, she doesn’t smile. smile bitch! smile! mwahahaha!

  3. hahahaha… oh dba? balita? ang tahimik mo now a days.. ahhahaa laundry time na ba? hahaha i hate it when it comes sa laundry.. hahaha lalo na pag iron… lolz hehehe well, thats life… kaylangan eh.. hehehe

  4. Hi Grace
    I work with Mom Central ( and we’re looking for Canadian bloggers for our blog roll. We help our clients (Canadian companies) connect with bloggers for sampling, product review and giveaway opportunities. If you’re interested in more info, do you mind emailing me at

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