i just woke up to change baby nathan’s diaper. and i decided to blog at 4am! LOL!

we’re here at our cottage. its freezing at night! but i love the fresh morning breeze! *ssssniff* i wanna buy one of these cottages here but my mom’s right if we do we will probably be “cottaging” every weekend LOL! aaah well! i love it here. away from everybody! away from stress (what stress??? LOL!) *sigh* we’re leaving later at 3pm (i think). but we’re definitely coming back! if we decide not to go to chicago for a week or two. we’ll see 😉

anyhow, i better hit the sack again and cuddle with my little one before he wakes up again.

ps… yes, we have wifi here!!! but has limited bandwidth! boooooooooooo!


3 thoughts on “nooooooooo!

  1. hehehehe! soon, maybe later. we decided to stay for 1 more night. heeheheh.

    we’re your tummy pics??? LOL

  2. Coolio! I will post the tummy pics in Friendster private photos na lang. Tamad ako sobra mag-blog. hehehe.

    Will post 12 & 14 weeks. 🙂

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