we decided to stay for 1 more night. 🙂 i think i got lazy to pack. haahhaah! and i needed 1 more day to enjoy my/our time as a family. mama & papa together with our other family members headed home yesterday at 5:00pm. they left us with tons of foods and now less space in miss acura (our car). LOL!

we’re checking out in 2 hours and we’re still eating breakfast. we also have to leave the cottage spanking clean! i’d do the cleaning but baby nathan wont let me go and always looking for mommy. mommy’s boy! ahahah! well, he’s asleep right now, so i have the time to fold linens and blankets. *sigh* i still want to stay, honestly 😀

i’ll post pics (ate mae) later when we get home. internet is slow here… like dial-up! crazy! 🙂

here are some teaser pics 😉 hehehe. i just used my laptop cam, so excuse the poor quality.


4 thoughts on “extension

  1. mukhang enjoy na enjoy nga kayo dyan. Will wait for your pics. Sa kwento mo pa lang parang sarap mag-stay dyan. hehehe.

    This is what you get when you’re stuck in the desert when it’s pre-summer hot already!

  2. i surely did. makes me want to live in a far far far far away land. LOL!

    hahahahaah! nagsisisipa kasi sya nyan. tapos nakita nya yung laptop nasa taas namin. LOL

  3. me too! someday (i wish) when i have more money (if ever manalo ako siguro ng lotto, LOL!) im going to buy a cottage myself, it’s a good investment i think and shempre it’s a nice place to uwind and de-stress.. i’ve seen some real estate adds and there are actually some cheap good-size cottages, around $200,000ish… *sigh* someday!! ^_^ pero back to reality – bahay muna dito sa toronto ang kelangan unahin, LOL!

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