at home…

i called in today. i am in pain. i hate it! then again, i should be thankful. please excuse me, am just being pissy *pmsing*.

everytime i call in i had to think twice. you know, work plus extra work you get when you missed a day. ayaw kong napagiiwanan, kaya minsan i stay a bit longer just to catch up. buti na lang on friday i stayed a bit to clean off my inboxes (yes, i have 2! see how crazy that is). hopefully, it wont be crazy today and tomorrow when i get back. i needed to get some bed rest. but Athan’s been keeping me on my feet. that’s fine with me, the joys of being a mother cannot compare with your ass being glued on the chair for 8 hours straight!

anyhow, thought i’d blog and update. i’ve been busy ready other’s posts and it lead me here. back then, i had writing journals and id blab just about everything and anything. but since my baby came, it all had to be an online journal. i still have my old journals. am thinking of writing again, write poets again, take pics again and paint again. i need an outlet other than yoga. though, when i paint, gusto ko ako lang. i don’t like it when others see me work on a painting. it makes me nervous, seriously. i’ve had few paintings that’s hanged (at my mama and papa’s house in mississauga) and i’ve got 3-4 here in toronto all in the basement 😦 i dont want to put it up since its not our own place. but it wont stop me from squeezing out my creative juices! 🙂 i have this photo rendered already all i need is the perfect paint and TIME! siguro sa long weekend.

*sigh* sana may house na kami.


anyhow, gotta put my hot pouch on my tumtum 😦


ps… i know i promised photo updates. soon!


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