the party was awesome! some pics are posted here!

my parents who helped so much. especially mama who cooked tons of menudo & roast beef. my aunts. and john’s parents.

special thank you to tita reggy! she’s so mysterious! LOL!

from tita reggy

thank you!

…the gift was able to attend the party but her! how it got there is still a question. heehhe!

enjoy the pics!


one bite

i was soooo hungry! i had spaghetti and kunchinta from last night’s crazy party!

then i saw this chocolate cake. i probably have 2 pounds of cake on my plate right now. but it only took one bite for me to gag ><

why do i keep falling for it when i know am not a huuuuge fan of chocolate cake. that sucker was too damn sweet. *gags* nasty nasty.

am a mocha cake for life!!!

mocha cake