so busy

i barely have time to do my brows! seriously!

i cannot wait for the summer to come! i’ve book so many vacations and trips!

but i am soooo thankful that my baby is better now… (i have yet to post my prayer, its still sitting in my blackberry.)

…time to go to church 🙂 have a happy sunday!


things differently

just a few days ago I was going thru old pictures at my multiply account. And it made me miss those days. I want to be able to do all those again. The spontaneous drives, hard core shopping, lavish dinning.

I know I can still do that now, it’ll be just diffrent. I have to plan everything ahead, research about the place if its safe for baby, whether these restaurants has baby changing tables, stoller access, do these malls have the family washrooms. Not to mention pack a luggage (it was just a hand-carry before).

I’ve survived the chicago trip last year and had a great time. But this summer will be diffrent! We’re flying to seattle and vancouver! I’ve not travelled by plane for about 10 years now. And I am a terrible plane passenger–air sick! But I’ve survived a couple of flights with a help of Bonamine (but like I said, that was ages ago). And I tend to sleep althroughout the trip so I wouldn’t even think of being air sick! But this summer, I can’t do that. I have a baby that needs me. I have to think about his ear pops! The constant crying and our safety! Thinking about it now gives me an anxiety attack! I know I can do it! And it’ll be easier this time *hopes so*. Well, I’ve got 7 more months to plan this trip! I am excited yet terrified!

Wish me luck!


its the second day of my itchy throat. i have been trying so hard not to get sick since i gave birth and no, i wont give up. i wont let this throat itch go further!!! i’ll drink fresh and homemade lemonade everyday if i have to. grrrrrrrrr! *cough cough*
another itch, is nathan’s rashes!! damnit! he’s got eczema like rash. his legs and arms has been scaly 😦 and i hate every bits of it! i’ll tried all the naturales on him and his skin still reacts to it. i’ve tried the aveeno baby oatmeal bath. thought it was a hit! coz his scaly skin flaked and peeled off by itself after i applied vaseline on it. *sigh* i dont know whatelse to do but to put vaseline on him. even the aveeno baby lotion doesnt do any good to him, his skin reacts to it as well. this coming wednesday, he’s got an appointment (2nd set of immunization shots) and i’ll ask for a dermatologist referral. i can’t stand him itching like crazy! *sigh*
another itch. i’ve been itching to go out of town! nathan and i needs to getaway! and finally we will!!! my family and i are heading to sherkston end of this month!!!! we cant wait! finally, fresh air!!! yosi kadiri kasi!!!
and who would forget my first mother’s day this weekend 🙂 i just want to spend it with my boys.

its laundry day today! i love it! i know, am weird but i love clean clothes! and its going to be a busy day today. i wonder if john will remember that we have to go to shawn’s birthday party…. hmmmmmm? he’s still asleep and party starts at 5:00pm. we’ll see.