good changes.

i got married!



09.01.2012 ❤

view some of our photos here: beyond infiniti photography as well as our video highlights here: howes lyfe


we are expecting our second child!

…more updates soon!


and now i am back

…after stumbling upon my own blog and saw my horrendous entry below; i think its about time to update. not only to tell you that the “twin” is gone but also, i think i’ll be sticking around. i need to get into blogging again so my mind can think (LOL!)

i owe this blog a pic update (or two). first! i have to convince my readers (if i have some left…i probably scare them away with my “twin”) that my face is back to 90% normal. it just left some marks and i hope it goes away completely.

i hope to post a clear skin photo soon. i am dying for that day to come. but being a mom i have forgotten the fact that my face had a terrible visitor and just concentrate on my adorable son.

and a loving partner who has been so caring, thoughtful, loving and sometimes patient with my whining about my ugly “visitor”. he’s the best and i love him oh so much!

i am thankful for this wonderful family that God gave me!


Before I start…

Random guy just started conversing with this girl beside me who is reading twighlight… We all know what that means. LOL! I think they’re hitting it off. Hahaha! Hmmmm… I wonder if she’ll give her number to him. LOL!


Ooooh! They just shook hands. Hahahha! Am so eavesdropping even if my ipod is in full blast. LOL! …ok this guy is cocky. I think so. Hahaha! ….and then she’s off! Good for you girl! She stepped out of the trained as quick as she can! Hahahaha!

Ok back to my #confession:

1. I love the smell of pencils!
2. I eat oranges, watermelon and apples with salt
3. I love eating mangoes with toyo.
4. I collect pens
5. I only wear, black, white, grey (at times you’d see me in gold, pink, yellow or green, but its always with those colors)
6. After giving birth, I think less of being a fashionista, hence, confession number 6.
7. I love my job
8. I hate my job. LOL!
9. Before leaving for work, I’d smell my sweet Jonathan. Yes, even his diaper! Haha!
10. I have a little something of Jonathan, that I keep in my purse.

…more updates to come.


so I’ve said so many times that I’ll try and update more often; but I don’t think it’ll happen. I’ve been busy with Athan and work and whole lot other things that being sick isn’tart of the agenda anymore.

Anyhow, my lil’ Athan is now 16 months (3 days) today. He’s been great. Though he’s got colds and cough (blame it on the weather). He’s been so talkative and very active to the point where going to church and hear the mass is impossible. Yeah! Its been crazy with him but good crazy! 🙂 in fact, kulit means healthy! LOL!

John on the other hand, he’s doing such a great job with our son. It’s just the bathing part! I can’t complain–ok maybe I complain here and there but I appreciate everything he does. Though at times needs more effort. LOL! He gets B+ most of the time hehehe!

As for me, exhausted from work but coming home to your son with a huge smile and widely opens his arms to hug you simply eases the exhaustion away. And I am glad that am not those type of working mom where you go home with a sleeping baby already. That will breaky heart badly and would probably quit work! My heart is for my family an am doing my best to provide them with everything they need everyday.

Okay…. laundry time!