i just found out something! but its not even confirmed if its true or she* was just making kwento. though it made me really think!


oh well… we’ve been talking about it so its not entirely a shocker!


*what a pooper! can’t keep zip it!



wtf!!! :O how on earth did she win?!

i was blog hopping and stumbled upon on this blog. i clicked and saw THIS!!!


i hope when she goes on to miss world pageant she could at least request for a translator; but then again that wont even look pleasant. since we are the 5th on the list as an english speaking country (source: wikipedia). let’s just hope that she’ll be able to study/master how to deliver her answer well. another note, stick to the question! pati ba naman pageant corrupt?!

on more important note:

i need a good venue for my son’s upcoming baptism. and while i was blog hopping i finally found the perfect party favour for nathan’s baptism. i’ll take a pic as soon as they arrive. now, i have to organize my agenda tomorrow since db will be off. hopefully, i’ll be able to get them ALL done. i hate procrastinating.

gutom na ako. i can hear my stomach growling already. ciao!