i just found out something! but its not even confirmed if its true or she* was just making kwento. though it made me really think!


oh well… we’ve been talking about it so its not entirely a shocker!


*what a pooper! can’t keep zip it!



the party was awesome! some pics are posted here!

my parents who helped so much. especially mama who cooked tons of menudo & roast beef. my aunts. and john’s parents.

special thank you to tita reggy! she’s so mysterious! LOL!

from tita reggy

thank you!

…the gift was able to attend the party but her! how it got there is still a question. heehhe!

enjoy the pics!


wtf!!! :O how on earth did she win?!

i was blog hopping and stumbled upon on this blog. i clicked and saw THIS!!!


i hope when she goes on to miss world pageant she could at least request for a translator; but then again that wont even look pleasant. since we are the 5th on the list as an english speaking country (source: wikipedia). let’s just hope that she’ll be able to study/master how to deliver her answer well. another note, stick to the question! pati ba naman pageant corrupt?!

on more important note:

i need a good venue for my son’s upcoming baptism. and while i was blog hopping i finally found the perfect party favour for nathan’s baptism. i’ll take a pic as soon as they arrive. now, i have to organize my agenda tomorrow since db will be off. hopefully, i’ll be able to get them ALL done. i hate procrastinating.

gutom na ako. i can hear my stomach growling already. ciao!