stella grace

meet our princess!


she was born on june 5, 2013 at 11:59am, weighs 6 lbs!




and now i am back

…after stumbling upon my own blog and saw my horrendous entry below; i think its about time to update. not only to tell you that the “twin” is gone but also, i think i’ll be sticking around. i need to get into blogging again so my mind can think (LOL!)

i owe this blog a pic update (or two). first! i have to convince my readers (if i have some left…i probably scare them away with my “twin”) that my face is back to 90% normal. it just left some marks and i hope it goes away completely.

i hope to post a clear skin photo soon. i am dying for that day to come. but being a mom i have forgotten the fact that my face had a terrible visitor and just concentrate on my adorable son.

and a loving partner who has been so caring, thoughtful, loving and sometimes patient with my whining about my ugly “visitor”. he’s the best and i love him oh so much!

i am thankful for this wonderful family that God gave me!