good changes.

i got married!



09.01.2012 ❤

view some of our photos here: beyond infiniti photography as well as our video highlights here: howes lyfe


we are expecting our second child!

…more updates soon!


and now i am back

…after stumbling upon my own blog and saw my horrendous entry below; i think its about time to update. not only to tell you that the “twin” is gone but also, i think i’ll be sticking around. i need to get into blogging again so my mind can think (LOL!)

i owe this blog a pic update (or two). first! i have to convince my readers (if i have some left…i probably scare them away with my “twin”) that my face is back to 90% normal. it just left some marks and i hope it goes away completely.

i hope to post a clear skin photo soon. i am dying for that day to come. but being a mom i have forgotten the fact that my face had a terrible visitor and just concentrate on my adorable son.

and a loving partner who has been so caring, thoughtful, loving and sometimes patient with my whining about my ugly “visitor”. he’s the best and i love him oh so much!

i am thankful for this wonderful family that God gave me!

happy 1st birthday

Its official!

Today (well tonight at 9:54pm) is my baby boy’s birthday!

Where did all that one year went? It surely went by fast! But I am happy that my baby is all grown up. Although he’s been sick (fever) since sunday 😦 I guess, its the crazy weather during the weekend. *sigh* I hope he gets better soon. I also, took a day off from work today to be with baby. He’s clingy when he’s sick. And it broke my heart yesterday when I left for work. I broke down in the subway on the way to work. *sigh*

But today, it’ll be mommy and athan’s day together with cake and spaghetti! And prayers so baby will be all better before his big party on saturday.

with Big Bird

with Big Bird

Happy birthday my love! Daddy and mommy loves you sooooo much!

merry christmas

christmas photo

christmas 2008, yorkdale

hope you have a very happy and merry christmas! and a joyous new year!

…thought i’d let you know that i am still alive. i have been busy with work, planning athan’s 1st birthday party and being a mom. but its all coming along well. i just need strength to do all these. *Lord, please*