Before I start…

Random guy just started conversing with this girl beside me who is reading twighlight… We all know what that means. LOL! I think they’re hitting it off. Hahaha! Hmmmm… I wonder if she’ll give her number to him. LOL!


Ooooh! They just shook hands. Hahahha! Am so eavesdropping even if my ipod is in full blast. LOL! …ok this guy is cocky. I think so. Hahaha! ….and then she’s off! Good for you girl! She stepped out of the trained as quick as she can! Hahahaha!

Ok back to my #confession:

1. I love the smell of pencils!
2. I eat oranges, watermelon and apples with salt
3. I love eating mangoes with toyo.
4. I collect pens
5. I only wear, black, white, grey (at times you’d see me in gold, pink, yellow or green, but its always with those colors)
6. After giving birth, I think less of being a fashionista, hence, confession number 6.
7. I love my job
8. I hate my job. LOL!
9. Before leaving for work, I’d smell my sweet Jonathan. Yes, even his diaper! Haha!
10. I have a little something of Jonathan, that I keep in my purse.

…more updates to come.