good changes.

i got married!



09.01.2012 ❤

view some of our photos here: beyond infiniti photography as well as our video highlights here: howes lyfe


we are expecting our second child!

…more updates soon!


grab a tissue box!

she made me cry!!!

she’s really gifted and talented!

i have been watching her and she still gives me goosebumps!

i can’t wait to see her perform with celine!

baby food

my laptop is still broken and nothing can stop me from blogging! am blogging from my itouch!

anyhow, aside from not being to blog due to major technical difficulty I have been busy with baby ‘athan. he’s been growing insanely fast! too fast for my blind eyes but eyeloveat! another thing, he eats a lot! I’ve stocked up our freezer with his food that’s good for a month or so! unfortunately, I am only good for four days at least! now, I have to cook like a mad momma! he absolutely loves veggies; especially sweet potatoes! I am happy that he loves what I made for him. although, I get tired easily because I can’t really stand for a long time. but it didn’t matter; as long as my baby boy eats healthy and I know what goes into his mouth. there are the convience of gerber and heinz baby foods but those has additives on them and its been stored for years! I don’t want that! it stinks and it takes nasty!

having said that, i have to start cooking my heart out! we’re heading to chicago in a few weeks!!! this will be a big challenge for john and i. we’ve never travelled for more than one hour with baby ‘athan. but i think we’ll do just fine! thank God for those rest stops! but I won’t worry about that now, we’re still waiting for baby’s passport!

first teeth!

few weeks ago, while i was reading john and athan was playing and decided to bug me. and here’s what it looked like. LOL!

…and i couldn’t resist so i played along!

(i just realized how visible my freckles are especially on my nose)

this was taken in our mississauga home. they were playing. athan always does that arching his back. some say that he’s asking for a sibling. amp! sorry poopooface not for another 5 years. hehehe!

this was his bugging daddy (pretending to be asleep). actually, i wouldn’t call it bugging. whenever he touches your face he is making lambing 🙂 but if he starts scratching it, its kulit time! or better yet gigil! hehehe!

later that afternoon, athan and i was playing so i decided to video it. this time, i was bugging him! LOL! i wanted to get a shot of his teeth. hehehe! 😀

here’s athan teeth! (must’ve been my 300th shot. LOL! thank god for macro! hehehe!)

lately, john and i have been extremely busy with painting! there are two rooms that needs to be painted. thank god that we’re finally done with the bigger room! eyeloveat! 🙂 my son loves it, am sure! hehehe! its a labor of love.

*sigh* just thinking about it makes me tired! 😦

well, gotta get going! start taping the borders and move stuff around! buti na lang wala pang mashadong gamit dito. LOL!

(will post pics of how it looks like 🙂 )

5 months

athan is 5 months old today 🙂 i am sooo happy that he’s healthy and very jolly. i can’t wait til he starts walking. the figurines and displays would be smashed into pieces!!!

as soon as we woke up i kissed him and sang happy birthday to him (which i do every month. LOL!) and we took pictures!

i love you so much my baby boy.


here’s a bonus for ya’ll!